Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Plans

A few more days to go and the year is about to end. This realization came about after I've updated my previous post. I was lucky to hit four out of my five goals for the year 2010. Yahoo!!! And so, what should my plans be for 2011?

To start of, I promised my mother that I'll be taking her and my daughter out of the country. So it only means that I have to save, save, save for that extravagant trip! *sweating*

I also wanted to get an Australian visa and go there by April or December of the same year. I wanted to test the waters first, for three months-- maybe and see if the Aussie way of life is for me-- or us.

And since I was able to achieve one of my goals this year-- which is to move-out from the house where me and my family lives together-- I hope to get lucky this time with investing permanently on a house for me and my daughter.

I also wanted to BUY a car-- whether a brand new car or second hand one, I don't care as long as it is in good running condition. Why?! I don't want to develop wrinkles. How are wrinkles connected to getting myself a car? Every time I get refused by cab drivers, being short-tempered that I am-- I easily get m-a-d with them! I am still not used to this "norm"... I just don't see the point as to why they have to take out their cab on the road, drive around the metro, stop at one of the hailing passengers then refuse to give them a ride because of the traffic. DUH!!! It's a waste of gas. Plus it's part of their job and it's not the passenger's fault if it's traffic on the way to where they're heading to! $0#@*)%^!

Ooops, going back to the topic...

Another wish is that I hope that my online business will be more prosperous than it was this year-- for if this happens, I'll be able to take the whole family to Boracay (Mama's request *gulp*). Another extravagant plan BUT what's important is that I'll be making all of my family members' super happy!

Are these all? I'm not yet done... I am still thinking of few more things to add. But as of this moment, these are my top priorities with which I am praying God grants me... and I hope He will soon give me a life partner, too! *grin*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three out of Five-- not bad!

I thought of re-visiting my blog and was surprise to have realized that I got to accomplished at least 3 out of 5 goals I made a year ago. That's still not bad after all! I congratulate myself for turning my goals into reality and thus, I'm inspired to think of something big BUT achievable for the coming year-- 2011.

There were some bumps and humps along the way but still I was able to achieved them.

... OF course with God's help, I know I couldn't have turned these goals into reality... and I am so grateful to you, Dear Lord! So help me again-- everyday, every month, every week of next year!

*updated Dec. 26, 2010 at 7:12 am

Just wanted to share this for I can't contain my excitement anymore...

Make that FOUR out of Five goals... we'll (me and my daughter) be moving out by first week of January 2011.
God is really good all the time! He will not provide what is not needed. And if it's meant for you, He will give it at the right time.

Thanks be to God!

Monday, March 29, 2010

First Quarter 2010

I haven't been blogging for several months now... l-a-z-y me!

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. I got another work from home stint which is being managed by a Filipino but unfortunately, I resigned because of stress and negativity brought about by my co-worker. So much for power-trippers, please.

Then before the year ended, I found another person who made me feel special-- but then the relationship didn't last that long for it wasn't right from the very start. So much for my bruised heart... but I still I hope that someday, God will lead me to the right person at the right time.

As for the money problems I've had last year, this year my finances are well-- well in the sense that it's enough to compensate our basic needs. Not only that, I've got a good small business running.

I think the only good thing that happened at the start of this year was I was able to fulfill my plan to go out of the country with my daughter.

... hmm, so at least my first quarter wasn't that bad after all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Plans for 2010

Since I can't sleep... let me take the opportunity to blog some more. After all, it is not everyday that I have free time to do my personal online stuff-- err... except Farmville, hehe.

Starting next year, I plan to:
>February is my daughter's birth month so I wanted to take her to her dreamworld Disneyland Hong Kong and be with her Mickey Mouse.
>Move-out from my family and have a place of our "own"... I needed so much privacy.
>I want to go back to school and finish my course. Anyway, two and a half years will just fly by without me noticing it. X
>Come July, I want to go to either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. (I went to 3 countries-- not just one and will still be going out, *hopefully*-- with two more out-of-the-country trips before the year ends)
>Go out of town whenever it is possible. Unleash the "wanderer" in me.

And so to make this happen, I have to work hard, hard, hard so that I can earn more, more, more.

Can't Sleep

I hate it... been awake for 2 hours and what pains me is that I can't sleep on a day wherein I don't have extra work. Well, my body clock's used to this sleeping pattern already. It's not healthy but what can I do? I can't afford to sleep as of the moment... after being "penny-less" for the past 3 months, I grabbed every task placed on my tray. After all, I have so many plans for the coming year. And if I don't work, then I can't make my plans turn into reality.

So what will I do now? Hayzzz...

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just because I wanna travel next year... I had to get a side job aside from my present regular online job. Not that I'm complaining but currently, I don't have time for farmville (lol)... just kidding. What I mean to say was I don't have enough time to sleep because I have to think of the pending tasks that I have to accomplish for my other client.

I am very happy to have lots of opportunities to earn extra but it can be mind-draining, too! Well as they say-- No pain, no gain!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blogs Worth Reading

This is one of those days (or night, for I'm posting this at 11:36pm Manila time) that I don't have anything to do and just let the time fly through browsing. I saw from my favorite forum some blogs recommend for good reading.

Now here are my recommendations (not in any particular order):

1. Hay! Men! Ang blog ng mga tunay na lalake - humor
2. Practical Soulfood for Successful People - inspirational
3. - humor
4. Nina Fuentes' Just Wandering - travel
5. Balut & Natto - humor/relationship/culture
6. Kalibugan, kalokohan, etc. - humor (whatta title!)
7. Kwentong Tambay - humor
8. Pounding Heartbeat - inspirational/love
9. Wanderboy - travel/photography
10. Oohhh.. LaLa!!! - lifestyle/celebrity

I'm gonna be posting some more. Let me just search some more, too!

You Are Not Alone

Very familiar, huh! Why of course it's one of the hit songs of Michael Jackson (r.i.p). But this is not about him nor his song. It's actually about my former co-worker's situation, same one that I am in currently.

I'm a member of a female forum and I happen to discover that she was also a member of it. In this forum, the member has the option to link their membership on their personal web stuff such as their blog or the social networking group they belong to. So I opened her blog and read her entries. All the while I thought her relationship with her SD (what this stands for??? figure it out, lol) was OK. But it wasn't and we're almost in the same boat.

It's just so sad that a lot of mothers today have become "single parent" because it was not their choice but because of their ex-partner's negligence. I don't wanna sound sexist here but I'm just wondering-- how come guys find it so easy to leave their responsibilities and get back to their bachelorhood? Don't they ever care for their kids? Tsk.

I admit I am having a hard time moving on until now. And maybe this is God's way of telling me not to be afraid with my decision to be happy and just stick to it. I don't want to write down any more details with regards to my previous dilemma (but you can do back-reading of my blog entries and get some background) for I'm sick and tired of making the world know how stupid I was (oops I forgot, -- or maybe slight, lols nth time).

I am not alone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Do!

At long last I finally had time to change my blog's design. It looks better now with it's new look (in my opinion). However, I wasn't able to save the settings of my old design. The links are now missing and I have to do them all over again. Oh well, I'm taking it as a blessing in disguise for I'll be able to refresh my so-called mediocre designing skills.

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