Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guilty as charged

I've been neglecting my blog site for several days now... blame it on job hunting, essay writing and house chores... I never thought I'll be this busy even if I don't have a job... In fact, I don't get enough sleep... the good thing about this is is that at least I'm with my daughter 60% of my time here at home.

I'm hoping to land on a job that would not only help me financially, but also-- give me more time to spend with my babies. After all, I don't live to work-- I live for my family.

My current job criteria are: *drumroll*
- it must be day job
- the pay should at least be the same as the amount I was earning before
- not stressful

Yes, I'm choosy. But that's because I chose to be a mom and a wife to my family and not just a breadwinner for them. And I know God's gonna give me that kind of job soon... He knows I'm worth it. ;-)