Sunday, February 3, 2008

At Long Last!

After four years of working in an office-based call center... who knew that my chances of getting recognized and promoted is now?! Still a homebased worker, I'm now an assistant to the team manager! Yipee...

Although I'm still on-probation as SME (subject matter expert), I really don't mind it at all. I love the exposure. And though I was kiddingly ranting about lots of reports that I need to do everyday, I am really enjoying my job right now. Because even when I was with CVG, there's only one position I'm aiming for-- the Team Lead post.

Actually, the transition of our account from one management to another management had really been quite a shock and too instant for all of us. But with all honesty, I welcomed the change whole-heartedly because I've got a hunch that I'll be more secured working as an independent contractor with the new management who'll handle us-- which is co-owned by our account's stockholder. Isn't that great!?! Another relief is that at long last, I won't be bothered anymore working with power-trippers! Lols.

So please forgive me if I've been neglecting my blog for several days now... I miss blogging and blog-hopping so much, I just don't have spare time the past few days to do so.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Psalm 78:72

"With skillful hands He led them"

When you are unsure which course to take, totally submit your own judgement to that of the Spirit of God, asking Him to shut every door except the right one. But meanwhile keep moving ahead and consider the absence of a direct indication from God to be the evidence of His will that you are on His path. And as you continue down the long road, you will find that He has gone before you, locking doors you otherwise would have been inclined to enter. Yet you can be sure that somewhere beyond the locked doors is one He has left unlocked. And when you open it and walk through, you will find yourself face to face with a turn in the river of opportunity -- one that is broader and deeper than anything you ever dared to imagine, even in your wildest dreams. So set sail on it, because it flows to the open sea.

God often guides us through our circumstances. One moment, our way may seem totally blocked, but then suddenly some seemingly trivial incident occurs, appearing as nothing to others but speaking volumes to the keen eye of faith. And sometimes these events are repeated in various ways in response to our prayers. They certainly are not haphazard results of chance but are God opening up the way we should walk, by directing our circumstances. And they begin to multiply as we advance toward our goal, just as the lights of a city seem to increase as we speed toward it while traveling at night. F.B.Meyer.

If you go to God for guidance, He will guide you. But do not expect Him to console you by showing you His list of purposes concerning you, when you have displayed distrust or even half-trust in Him. What He will do, if you trust Him and go cheerfully ahead when He shows you the way, is to guide you still farther. Horace Bushnell

As moves my fragile boat across the storm-swept sea,
Great waves beat o'er her side, as north wind blows;
Deep in the darkness hid lie threat'ning rocks and reefs;
But all of these, and more, my Pilot knows.

Sometimes when darkness falls, and every light's gone out,
I wonder to what port my frail ship goes;
Although the night be long, and restless all my hours,
My distant goal, I'm sure, my Pilot knows

Thomas Curtis Clark

I got this from GirlTalk and it's such a nice piece... I've posted this already in my multiply account and I would like to repost this here so that I can share it some more-- this time with all of YOU... Hope this will help you, too!

Friendship Award Tag

Got this tag from Lynn. Nice to be considered as one of your online buddy! =)

Friendship Day is a special day...

It is a special time when you can tell your friends how much you appreciate them and show them how happy and thankful you are to have them...
Well, it is the best time to let them know how you feel everyday...
A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!

I want to share this tag to Gracie, Andrea, Janneth, and Moccalyn.