Tuesday, July 3, 2007

One More Try lyrics by Kuh Ledesma

Last Sunday while I was watching ASAP, they paid tribute to one of the great OPM composer Cecille Azarcon. I never knew that she wrote most of the OPM songs that I like. And this song-- One more Try-- I find this one very nice. Very apt for those people in a rocky relationship.

Should we stay or should we say goodbye
Walk away or give it one more try
What a waste to let our dreams just fly
And as the days go by
We'll always wonder why.

Are we glad to find one day we're free
Is this what we really want to be
Brand new lives, we need to have so much
It really is quite tough
When love is not enough.

Tell me why did we find each other
Only to part ways in the end
Tell me how we learned to love each other
And tell me why two people have to change.

Was it pride that made us drift away
Hurting words we should not even say
Hold my hand and look straight in my eyes
If we can't say goodbye
Then we're worth one more try.