Monday, July 2, 2007

Quit Playing Games with My Heart

After the last time we had our first major fight and I put closure to our relationship... he's coming back again. And now he's saying he can't afford to loose me. Oh well, such sweet words coming from the person who've caused you so much pain.

I admit. I'm stupid. I'm entertaining his calls again. Of course, there's still love-- but now, it's mix with anger. But what made me talk to him again was the fact that he's now thinking about our kid. Right now, I'm not a 100% convinced with his intentions. I've learned my lesson and I won't let myself be fooled again. If he really wants us back... if he really wants me back, he needs to prove it. And it will take some time for me to accept him (if ever he's proven himself) again. If not, at least I don't have anything to lose.

He makes me happy... but I just can't forget what had happened. It almost ruined me. And I won't let it happen again.