Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just Got Lucky

I really don't know what to write at this moment. Nor do I know what title to give this latest post. But if there's one word which motivated me to write this blog today-- it's envy.

Why are other people so damn lucky? She's got everything... money, family, love, career-- name it and she has it. Just so you know who is the "her" I'm pertaining to-- she's my ex-boss from my homebased job.

Everyday, I visit her blog because she posts a lot of interesting topics. It's also a way for me to get a little update about my ex-boss' from US. I miss them, of course, but I don't miss my job because-- just because. Now going back to her, aside from earning a thousand dollars every month, I also learned thru her blog she also has side jobs in which she's also being paid in dollars. She works in her own time, at the comfort of her home and at the same time, she's with her daughter while working! Isn't that perfect?

She's got a loving husband, an independent mom, a supportive mother-in-law...

I know... her luck is hers alone. I'm happy for her. But I hope I'll get to be as lucky as her someday soon.