Wednesday, September 26, 2007

About Forgiving

My uncle's wife just died this Monday. Honestly, I don't feel anything for her when I learned what happened. She did something "bad" to us in the past. I have forgiven her, but I just can't forget how she treated me and my siblings during the time we needed help. It's gonna be always in my memory bank and part of the hard lesson learned.

I pray for her soul. And for my mother's soul as well. Hep, it's not what you think! My mom's still alive. However, she finds it hard to forgive my late aunt. She even uttered a few unkind words with regards to her. My brother even tried to advice her to let go of the past and just forgive her since she's already dead. I know... it's not healthy for her or for anyone to hold grudges from the past. But that's how she is, sad to say.

I know she needed help. Seriously. Now I know why she's living at the dark side of of life. I came to realize I will never be like her, don't want to be like her... I want to live peacefully. Even if life has been unkind to me most of the time, still I know that my wheel of fortune will eventually turn and luck's gonna be on my side again.

It's hard to move on... but it's much harder to move forward if you'll be carrying excess baggages as you go on the journey of life.