Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bonding moments with Jada

Jada and I spent the weekend with my officemates in one of the executive rooms at Linden Suites last Friday. Actually, it's our class' prize for winning from the PPHD launch held two weeks ago at Phi Bar. I know our class will win, for we got our own class' version of "Destiny's Child/Pussycat Dolls"... even they're not full-pledge girls (if you know what I mean!). Anyhow, they're super talented and our Kiwi bosses like their performance sooo much. So, the credit really goes out to them. Nikki, our Kiwi trainor, bought our class 6 boxes of pizza as her treat for making her class win.

I decided to take her along with me so that she can get some fresh air and comfortable bed to sleep with even for a night even though she's a bit unwell last week. Almost every two weeks, Jada's either got a fever, colds, cough or all. Too bad, I don't have HMO yet since I'm still under proby status with the new company. Our house is too small and we can't afford to squeeze-in her own toddler bed. The ventilation is not good enough as well, which I think is the main reason why she's always had cough and colds.

Going back, she had her fun at the jacuzzi. I know it's gonna do good for her because of the warm water. But then, I never imagine that I can spend time with my friends, with my daughter tagged along and have so much fun at the same time.