Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Post for September

No time to blog at home. My PC died two weeks ago (huhu!) and my internet is already disconnected (blame it for being 3 months jobless)... but good thing, I can still visit my blog every now and then using the office PC.

The opps available in PPP are not of my interest. Even the opps from my essay job are not within my field and knowledge, too. The home based job that didn't pay me doesn't have alternative work to offer me as of now. Hayyy, no opportunities to earn extra.

I'm loving my work bit by bit everyday. The customers are not hard to deal with. The kiwi bosses are a-OK (much better than Pinoy trainors, they're lenient and straight-forward but helpful and understanding)! And just today, got to be a bit g-lish when I notice that the guy sitting beside me is "cute" (hahaha, high school!). Well, I saw him everyday but we belong to a different class. And today the trainor assigned me to take the seat beside him which is empty. He helped me, lend me his pen (uh, thank goodness I don't have one hahaha) and very friendly. But you know, being the reserved me-- I just smiled back and kept quiet (pa-cute, in other words!). Small talk. Made me conscious of my accent and my look so I hurried to the powder room. Great! Buti na lang I wear skirt. Nyahaha, crush na itoh!

Now, I'm looking forward going to work everyday. Sorry, I'm back in high school (lols).