Sunday, September 23, 2007


Others might disagree with me... but I don't find it hard to love my "in-laws". We get along well, as far as I'm concerned. Before, I was hesitant and having doubts that I won't be welcome anymore after what happened with me and with "him". However, we just get closer. I feel that their love for my daughter is genuine. And much as I would like to stay as far as I can from them, I'm finding it hard to deprive them of my daughter.

I know I've had my share of faults. However, they still accept and acknowledge that I'm "his" wife and would introduce me as such to other people. Well, only time can tell when I'll forgive him for what he has done to our family... but I'm still thankful for him... for his family's warm reception towards us. Even though Jada doesn't have a complete family, she still can enjoy her extended family.

I love them so much... like my own.