Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Work... again

And so... here's the job I've been waiting for-- Work From Home! The pay is compensating enough, and the account is not that toxic. You can say I'm "choosy" but I just know what my worth is. And also, with this kind of job... I can work out my other plans, like going back to school and finish my studies.

But the most important reason why I just wanted to stay at home is Jada. I just wanted to be with my daughter 24-by-7. Since I'm her only parent, I want to make sure she will grow and mature the way I wanted her to be. It's hard to be a hands-on mom if I get an office-based job. I only have one body and I can't always be with her for her needs if I'm always out.

Well, thanks to technology and innovation.