Thursday, November 22, 2007

Growing Pains

Waaaaa... I got the job that I wanted and I considered myself lucky for that. Oh well I spoke too soon. When I got the job offer last October, I thought the only problem I have are my computer's hard disk (which I though was busted and I consider this a minor ish) and the major one is my internet connection. My SmartBro connection is not good enough for my new work's requirement. Since April 'til now, my pending Globe broadband application is still (guess what?) an application. Unfortunately, I only have two choices with high-speed connection-- globe and PLDT. But then the previous tenants of the house we're renting right now has outstanding past due with PLDT. So that only leaves me with one choice... globe. Until I met an agent from globe and after a few weeks, he got me an available port. Done with my major problem.

Then I bought a new hard disk (again!) since I need the computer working before the broadband people installs the service. How can I test it of course, if I don't have PC. After I installed windows and tested my pc for two days, then came my internet connection. A day passed by then my computer won't start. SO what's the goddamn problem this time? Thank God one of my officemate's hubby is a hardware pro. He checked it and I what have suspected even before, I knew all along it was my motherboard. So he replaced it with a new one then before I picked it up, the processor was not working anymore! It got busted because of my mobo. So he replaced not only the mobo but as well as the processor. And now my unit's as good as knew!

Then let's go back to my internet connection. I subscribed for 2Mbps broadband package. Download is ok. Upload's a bit bad. I need to have at least 400Kbps of upload speed for our office's IT clearance. Problems... when will it ever end?!

I don't want to work at the training center on Christmas day! Huhuhu.