Sunday, January 13, 2008

Health is Wealth

Finding lower hospitalization insurance is very difficult especially if you’re the only one providing for all your family member’s basic needs. But basic needs should also include saving up for your health. When we talked about basic needs, sometimes we only think about tangible things like food, shelter and clothing. I say we should include saving up for our health needs. How can you work and be productive if you’re unhealthy? Don’t wait for unexpected things to happen, such as getting ill before we realize the value of having healthcare insurance.

If purchase major medical family plans, you will be saving yourself with future major headache. Always expect the unexpected and save yourself from the trouble of spending your cash just for the hospital fees. You can save money on healthcare insurance because it is almost five times the amount you’re paying for the premium. Besides that, you need not worry of where to get cash in times of life crisis.