Monday, July 14, 2008

What goes around comes around

This one's a personal matter, but I can't contain the mixed emotions I'm havin' right now. Just to give you an overview...

I admit, I'm short-tempered (except where my family's concerned). Blame it on lack of sleep that sometimes I can't accept "petty reasons" being given. I am really friendly if I feel that a person is worthy of the 100% pure friendship I'm giving... but if you mess with me-- sorry but that's the end of the line. I don't exactly "get even" but I pray for karma with a vengeance.

I've just discovered something that made me "somehow happy"... it's the misery of a person because of the repercussions of the complications she/he gave us. There's truth to the saying that what you give is what you will indeed receive. Piece of advice to that person?.. Think!