Thursday, December 11, 2008

God is good all the time!

Yes! He's so great that He will not give you what you don't need. He will give you what you deserve!

I'm so happy today because I learned from my bosses that we will be going to Hong Kong for the company excursion on January! But not only that... I will also be joining them on their Costa Rica trip!!! Wow!

A few weeks ago I was praying that He will help me find a job that's gonna be sufficient for me to support my family. Another prayer I had was I hope that my former partner will come into his senses and be man enough to face his responsibilities in our family. I know that God will not grant all my prayers even though I hardly work for it. And this I learned is true! Because He grant me one wish (my job) but He help me accept the fact that I can't be with my partner because he won't make me happy.

All I can say is-- Dear Lord... thank you so much for never neglecting me and always leading me to the right path.