Friday, September 18, 2009

Working From Home... again!

At long last, I am now working from home again... and you will never really appreciate things only except when they're gone. For several months of working office-based, I did enjoy being a part of the commuting "mass" but I began to hate it after a few months of having several bad experiences on my way to work. So I resigned and left a company which doesn't pay much at all. Good riddance!

So now, here I am at the comforts of my home-- slouching on my bed wearing my PJs but still earning! And I thought it was hard to find another WFH job but I was wrong. And I think my new bosses are professionals and considerate. One down side is that I sometimes tend to slack-off and be busy with facebook (blame it on farmville!!!). But in order for me to concentrate and get back to work, I just keep reminding myself that it's hard to find good people you can work with-- paying and treats their staff well. So now, what am I still doing here? I have to W-O-R-K!