Sunday, September 20, 2009

You Are Not Alone

Very familiar, huh! Why of course it's one of the hit songs of Michael Jackson (r.i.p). But this is not about him nor his song. It's actually about my former co-worker's situation, same one that I am in currently.

I'm a member of a female forum and I happen to discover that she was also a member of it. In this forum, the member has the option to link their membership on their personal web stuff such as their blog or the social networking group they belong to. So I opened her blog and read her entries. All the while I thought her relationship with her SD (what this stands for??? figure it out, lol) was OK. But it wasn't and we're almost in the same boat.

It's just so sad that a lot of mothers today have become "single parent" because it was not their choice but because of their ex-partner's negligence. I don't wanna sound sexist here but I'm just wondering-- how come guys find it so easy to leave their responsibilities and get back to their bachelorhood? Don't they ever care for their kids? Tsk.

I admit I am having a hard time moving on until now. And maybe this is God's way of telling me not to be afraid with my decision to be happy and just stick to it. I don't want to write down any more details with regards to my previous dilemma (but you can do back-reading of my blog entries and get some background) for I'm sick and tired of making the world know how stupid I was (oops I forgot, -- or maybe slight, lols nth time).

I am not alone.