Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Plans

A few more days to go and the year is about to end. This realization came about after I've updated my previous post. I was lucky to hit four out of my five goals for the year 2010. Yahoo!!! And so, what should my plans be for 2011?

To start of, I promised my mother that I'll be taking her and my daughter out of the country. So it only means that I have to save, save, save for that extravagant trip! *sweating*

I also wanted to get an Australian visa and go there by April or December of the same year. I wanted to test the waters first, for three months-- maybe and see if the Aussie way of life is for me-- or us.

And since I was able to achieve one of my goals this year-- which is to move-out from the house where me and my family lives together-- I hope to get lucky this time with investing permanently on a house for me and my daughter.

I also wanted to BUY a car-- whether a brand new car or second hand one, I don't care as long as it is in good running condition. Why?! I don't want to develop wrinkles. How are wrinkles connected to getting myself a car? Every time I get refused by cab drivers, being short-tempered that I am-- I easily get m-a-d with them! I am still not used to this "norm"... I just don't see the point as to why they have to take out their cab on the road, drive around the metro, stop at one of the hailing passengers then refuse to give them a ride because of the traffic. DUH!!! It's a waste of gas. Plus it's part of their job and it's not the passenger's fault if it's traffic on the way to where they're heading to! $0#@*)%^!

Ooops, going back to the topic...

Another wish is that I hope that my online business will be more prosperous than it was this year-- for if this happens, I'll be able to take the whole family to Boracay (Mama's request *gulp*). Another extravagant plan BUT what's important is that I'll be making all of my family members' super happy!

Are these all? I'm not yet done... I am still thinking of few more things to add. But as of this moment, these are my top priorities with which I am praying God grants me... and I hope He will soon give me a life partner, too! *grin*