Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'll miss you Roche

I was checking my daughter's friendster and boy was I so excited to received a message from one of my ever best friend Roche. Only to find out that she'll be leaving for Singapore anytime next month for greener pastures. Yeah, she'll be earning a lot which is good for her and my godson Kyle. However, I'm really sorry Roche but I am not totally that happy... because I'll be missing you so much!!!

I'm not prepared. We may have petty misunderstandings, but she's one of the friends that I treasure so much. The sister I never had.

We've been friends since year 2000. To be exact, twas February 14. I was single then... and dateless (lols). So instead of going home and watch my housemate havin' smoochy-coochy moments with her bf, I used my work PC and try to make myself happy (talking about "productivity" here, hehehe) by chatting.

Inside the MSN chatroom, there was this guy who's Über confident and you can really feel that every single girl in that chatroom dislikes him. Then there was this girl who sent me an IM sharing her disgust for the guy. We, together with 3 other girls, conspired against booting the guy out of the chatroom. And that started our friendship.

She's been my shoulder during those times I needed someone to cry on. My critic if there's something with what I did that needed criticism. My gimmick buddy. She laughs at my corniest jokes. Sometimes my enemy as well (especially if both of us have bad moods).

We're both single moms, but now she's got her boyfie and I got mine, too. We sometimes tell other peeps that I'm Kyle's father and we laugh.
And now, she'll be leaving.

I'll definitely miss you mommy Roche. See you after 2 years. *sob*