Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm beginning to hate Security Guards

Another "security guard" incident. And same place, Megamall. Why do they have to be such idiots? Excuse me for the word, but I really think that the guard I just had squabbled with this morning is an "idiot".

I was so hungry and at the same time craving for McDonald's breakfast meal. I woke up late, and headed straight to my photoshop class. Good thing (or so I thought) it's canceled-- with reasons I've to find out next Saturday. So I hurriedly went to Megamall with two objectives:(1) to have my breakfast; (2) to buy Jada's water after my breakfast.

I alighted at bldg. B and McDonaled's is at bldg. A and it's still 15 minutes before the store opens. Meaning, I have to cross the other side from the outside walkway. It's a long walk and it seems like an obstacle course which I have to finish just to get to the goalie. And since there are ongoing renovations at the Megastrip, I regret that I have to ignore the "no jaywalking" sign and did like what the other people have done-- crossed the street with ropes that blocked the aisle.

Yehey, at long last I arrived at McDonald's and ordered big breakfast. The place was crowded and the only seats left are those situated outside the store. However, the roll-up doors are still down and there's this security guard who opens and closes it for those who wishes to go in and out of the store. There were already people using some of the tables outside so I thought I can also dine outside. One customer, with her order on her hands, has been assisted out by this infamous guard. He lifted the roll-up doors and let the lady go out. When it's already my turn, he pulled the doors down and told me that I just have to share seat on one of the tables inside. That they don't allow anybody to eat on the tables outside. WHAT?! I was thinking why the hell did you let those other people go out and eat? He told me that they were already from the mall and he just let them in to order. Excuse me, the mall has not yet been opened for outsiders but only for tenants. And they don't look like tenants to me.

This son-of-a-biyatch guard really wouldn't let me out and just ignored me. What I just don't get is why he would let others go out and not me? If he's thinking that I would stroll outside, well how can I if I've got a food tray on my hands? And, didn't he notice that I'm more into eating at that time than checking out closed shops?

So I called the attention of the store manager and asked her to let me out because there were no vacant, clean tables for me to use. And as simple as that, she let me have my way. And the security guard just have this smirk on his face.

Never in my vocabulary have I wanted to discriminate anyone or anybody of lower class (and now I did!). But I hope that
person of this kind, a security guard, should know when to implement rules and when to be considerate.