Saturday, May 26, 2007

Short tempered me

Just this evening at the Megastrip... while I was finding the best way for me, Jada and my youngest sib to get a ride home, a security guard blocked our way and asked (using his I-am-the-man-here voice):"Ma'am, san kayo pupunta?" But I just ignored him and looked away... thinking it's the best scheme to have my way. However, he just repeated what he said. It really irked me. And so I turned my back-- but you know me-- I just couldn't let him have the last word. So before I head back to the building, I turned my head and told the guard "Kayo ang pahirap sa mga pasahero dito. Nakita mo nang me dala akong bata, gusto mo pa dun ako sa mauulanan kami. *&%^$#@" Grrrr. And you know what made me more mad?! He just laughed at me.

And my poor brother! All I did the whole time we're walking was scold him. I know I was so rude to this helpless guy already but the more I control it, the more it gets uncontrolled! Counting one to ten doesn't suppress my anger... for what I saw in his face just made my temper rose up to 40ÂșC. He's complaining about his achy feet (which hasn't been an issue whenever he wants to hang out) and Jada being heavy in his arms. My goal at that time was to go home before the rain pours down again. And that helped me shut up... I just walked as fast as I could while carrying Jada.

After 30 minutes, we're home... dry with a few drops of rainwater.