Friday, May 25, 2007

Upside Down

Whenever Den and I have unresolved "arguments" (aka LQ), hell breaks loose! I want to pick a fight with almost everyone and everything. Ok, I know it sounds foolish but I just think that the world is so unfair to me. Why it's just so hard to be happy with the person who makes you happy? Why is it so easy to argue than to admit that at one point, you're both wrong that's why things heat up? And why is it hard for Den to speak up his mind (which always makes me jump to wrong conclusions)?

Now, with 2 Minds Crack's Upside Down-- this is just exactly... absolutely how I feel when something goes wrong. After hearing this, my hopes have been recharged again... that everything will be just fine.

If this doesn't load properly in firefox, try this in IE. ;)