Friday, May 25, 2007

In search of the ultimate white ballet flats

Everytime I passed by a mall and whenever there's a chance for me to check out the shoe section, I always hope and pray (OA na ba?!) that I'll find the right pair of shoes that would fit my personality and my budget (note: most important factor). Sad to say but until now, I'm still unlucky. Poor me... all I want is a pair of white ballet shoes but how unlucky can I be! All I have right now is a pair of slippers. Which also means that I have to be conscious that my toenails are always clean.

Maybe some of you might ask, why "white ballet shoes?"

Well, white looks neat. And I'm a neat freak. White compliments any kind of color. Hence, I can mix and match it with any color of dress/clothes that I wear.

Why ballet shoes? For comfort. My legs can't stand heels. And since I'm not used to wearing heels, I also have this fear that I might tripped-off while I stroll.

Now, where art thou my precious ballet shoes?