Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways

It's such a happy feeling to love and be love. As they say, Love is a roller coaster of emotions. One point you're in a high and at some point you'll be in your lowest mood.

After a year and so number of months of being away from my ex, here we are again-- back in each others arms and trying our best to start all over again. No problem with me (or so I thought). The culprit: insecurity. I have never, ever been insecure before when it comes to our relationship. But then again, that was before... before we parted ways.

I admit, I have never felt like this before with other guys. Dati, pag iniwan ako-- 'pwes kalimutan na at never will I be in a relationship with the same person again. I don't dwell on old relationships-- except with this one. I don't know why. Questions that come into my mind... Is it because we have a lovechild? Maybe... Or, is it because I really have love him blindly that I choose not to see his imperfections?

It's never easy to rekindle old flames burning. Nor it has been easy to just forget what happened before. But I'm trying, for the sake of real love and family.

We make plans but then love demands the leap of faith

Sad but true... if you don't believe that it's working-- it ain't really gonna work out. So baby I hope everything's worth it... the second time around.