Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My family... instead of being my allies, they are my number one problem.

Let me start with my mother. She thinks that because she's the one who brought me out in this world, I should pay her back by giving her money and that it's my obligation to make her life always comfortable even though she already sees that I'm working like a dog. And if things won't go her way, I'll either be verbally or physically abuse. That's how she loves me!

Then, there are my brothers. All I ever wanted is for them to finish their studies while I'm still capable of supporting them. Only to find out that the only reason that they go to school is their daily allowance. And after having to remind them over and over again that they should study well, they will let out sarcastic remarks that would only made me frustrated or mad.

Lastly, my father. He stop caring about us. He doesn't even provide for my sibs because I'm always here... to help all of them.

Now, who's gonna take care of me?