Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I Miss My Daughter...

Everytime I need to go to work, I have to drag myself and make my feet step out of the house. Why? Ok, aside from being unmotivated... the number 1 reason is the fact that I hate leaving my daughter. Even though the reason is valid (that I need to work), it's hard for a working mom to leave her daughter for more than 8 hours a day.

She's still sleeping every time I leave and when I come home, I'm already tired... making it hard for me to spend a little time with her and play. But still, I try to exert some effort to bond with her... especially during weekends.

I know that right now it doesn't matter who's with her most of the time. But I just can't stop this guilty feeling. And I know that when the time comes she's matured enough to understand everything, I won't be having difficulties explaining why mommy needs to be out of the house during day time.

How I wish I'm rich and never need to work for our living.