Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jada Kulet

She's really growing up... fast!

She can follow simple instructions like "get mommy your powder" or "lay down" when she's ready to sleep. She also knows that if it's hot, she shouldn't touch it.

She also can say a few words-- ma'mam (for water), On-on (his uncle Ronron) or Ang-ang (for uncle Janjan), am (food-- this one we didn't taught her though) and mama (her lola).

At times she's a handful... I admit that there are times she's getting into my nerves and would try my patience. Especially if I told her not to touch something she curious with, she'll either slowly put her hands into it or quickly slap it. Argh!

You're such a darling my baby Jada! *kulet*