Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quotable Quotes

When we experience such turbulent emotions, it is difficult to believe that we could ever feel harmony and peace within ourselves again.

- Very true, for it will take some time before one can recover from the hard blows of life. It is very difficult to forget everything and act just like nothing had happened. Healing is a very long process, and the people that surrounds you will play a great role during this time. This person can be your friend or a family member. But most importantly, you must never give up... even if you're fighting alone.

Good things happen when you believe they will, and that in this world you have to "make your own luck."

- Unfortunately, I failed to believe while I was hurting. I concentrated mostly with pain and lies. I almost forgot the need to believe. That's why I sinked. And now, though I'm still hurting... I am trying to bring my mind-- and life back together again.