Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here I am again, blogging because I can't sleep. Because I'm waiting for a phone call... wait, did I say "waiting?" Sorry, I blogged days ago that waiting is something which I hated doing most. But just because of one being (if you're my friend it's not hard for you to decipher this), now waiting is an art that I need to learn. Expectation is always there, you see. However...

I really don't find it healthy at all... pausing and changing the pace of your life because I need to wait. The world turns round so fast... life is always in a hurry nowadays... and there are more things worthy of my attention. I always bear that in mind, but most of the time I forgot it... hell yah-- my heart is bigger than my brain y'know.

So, so stupid!!! Until now, I'm still trying to get a hold of myself and put it back into place. Waiting is really hard for me, I can't afford to waste time. So Jaq-- better get movin' or the bus of life will leave you! You're not stupid... just almost crazy (in love)!