Thursday, August 16, 2007

My New Hobby

Lately, I've been getting fond of online tarot reading. It just started out of curiousity... but nothing really serious. You can try it out for fun.

But I admit that I have consulted a "soul card reader" November of last year. I was really confused at that time-- with a lot of issues. But that doesn't mean that I have withdrawn from my relationship with God. I even went to Manaoag after that. But being human, sometimes... we are in search for quick answers. And Sandy Allan, the soul card reader, is really good that I have even recommended her to some of my friends. Beware tough that you might get to experience the so-called "nose-bleed" during the reading session because she interprets and talks in straight English. Sooo fluent... But then, I assure those who wanted to try this out that she's really got the gift in soul reading.

OK, not being preachy or anything... but I would just still like to remind everyone who'll try this that this is just for F-U-N... and it's still us who's in charge of our own lives, together with strong faith in God. Everything will turn out the way we wanted it to be-- if it's for our own good.