Saturday, December 1, 2007

25 of the MOST Spontaneous Questions

25 of the MOST Spontaneous Questions

1. What do you want for your birthday?
- honestly, a complete family

2. Who will be your next kiss?
- maybe from my next baby... Jacob

3. When was the last time you went to
the mall?
- yesterday

4. Are you wearing socks right now?
- no

5. How did you spend your summer?
- mending broken ties

6. Have you been to the cinema in the
last 5 days?
- no

7. What was the last thing you had to
- wine

8. What are you wearing right now?
- sleeveless top and short shorts =)

9. What was your last purchase?
- Jada's milk & diaper

10. What was the last food you ate?
- goto

11. Who would be the person you would
call if you were up in the middle of
the night and couldn't sleep?
- Owie

12. Have you bought any clothing items
in the last week?
- nope

13. Do you have a pet?
- none

14 . What made you laugh in the last 5
- the wacky punchlines of my co-workers and my daughter's antics

15. If you could be anywhere right
now, where would you be?
- home with my family

1 6. What is the last thing you
purchased online?
- none

17. One thing you hate about yourself?
- being skinny

18 . Do you miss anyone?
- yes

19. What are your plans for the day?
- to get some sleep ('m so deprived of rest) and later on go to work

20 . Last person you msg'd?
- Vince

21. Ever went to camp?
- nope

22. Are you a good student in school?
- dunno, I think so =)

23 . What do you know about the
(your) future?
- that I'll be the coolest mommy

24. Are you wearing any perfume or
- none

25 . Where is/are your best friend/s
right now?
- they're with their families

Grabbed from Iklay's Friendster post...