Monday, June 11, 2007

The battle has just begun

Yes indeed... it has just begun.

After having to let go, now hatred's beginning to rise up. Why? Because all he thinks of is himself. Oh yeah. You're self-centered. You don't really know what's the meaning of love. Love is selfless. Love is about giving yourself. You think needing is loving. All you think of is yourself and your dreams. You don't even think of the welfare of your kid. You didn't even give your fair share of responsibility. The hell! Do you think you're going to be successful in the future after leaving your responsibilities? Good luck.

You're such a lucky guy. You got what I wanted-- family. They always make the decisions for you. Indecisive. No backbone. Excuses, excuses.

I'm really mad. My kid and I were getting along fine, then one day you just showed up. Just because I wanted our daughter to have a complete set of parents... have a real family-- I trusted you again.
And I'm so damn stupid to believe you. You're so good with words. You could have been a poet, or a writer. Because somehow, you've managed to make others believe your lies... that I was the one who pursued everything again?! WTF!

Now I feel like a monster. You turned me evil. Because all I can think of right now are negative thoughts. Pestered you through text messages...
it's all that I can do to let those ill feelings out, to vent out my angst. Thinking that will bother your conscience and will somehow shake your nut (but I don't think you were moved at all). You took my happiness away, again. I don't deserve this treatment. And now I'm having a hard time... I can't turn back. My soul is broken once more. And it's all because of you. And since you shook my world, I won't let you get away. You don't have the right to be happy.

I love your family so much. And I envy you for having them. Unlike you, all you give them are problems. And I want you to learn your lesson... have a dose of your own medicine. For your daughter. For me. I'm not the good old girl you used to know. It's payback time.